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Watched The Press Club restaurant on TV? We did

George Calombaris’ The Press Club restaurant, run by Head Chef Luke Croston, recently featured prominently on Australian television. As innovators in molecular gastronomy, The Press Club kitchens utilise scientific equipment to more


Freeze Dried Plasma saves Special Ops Soldiers

Amazing storing on how freeze dried human blood plasma saved a Special Ops soldier in Afghanistan. SAN ANTONIO August 2014 — It’s the picture seen around the world: a critically wounded Army Ranger, saluting his senior officers in his more


Drying extracts in Forensics with RVCs

Drying extracts in forensics Rotational vacuum concentration is often used in forensic medicine as a replacement for the previous nitrogen blow-down method. In this area, extracts are dried in the course of examination for substances such as more


Freeze drying of foods, application overview

Foods (fruit, vegetables, meat) Gentle drying processes are just as important for quality foods as for pharmaceutical production. Freeze drying enables especially gentle preservation and retains the colour, texture and aromas of the foods. If they more


Diagnostics using freeze drying systems

Diagnostics Diagnostic test set example In medicine the term ‘diagnostics’ refers to distinguishing features for the identification and differentiation of diseases. In the broader sense, this includes test sets for the quality control of food more


Conservation of Artefacts with Freeze Drying

Conservation of cultural objects in museums and libraries Archaeological objects are often saturated with water when they are recovered, for example from damp soil, bodies of water, sunken ships and so on. Historical documents in archives or museums more


Process Optimisation with Freeze Drying

Production process optimisation, e.g. for pharmaceuticals, bacterial cultures, diagnostics, etc. Industrial-scale freeze drying requires robust processes that are initially developed on pilot systems and then scaled up. The objective is to develop more


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