Vacuum, thin film deposition, characterisation and gas detection specialists. Our customers range from academia R&D, government/defence research, Synchrotron/high energy physics and industrial. John Morris Group are proud to represent premium instrumentation from: Kurt J. Lesker, MKS Instruments, Vacuubrand, Leybold Vacuum, Martin Christ, SPECS, Vigor Gas Purification, Heidelberg Instruments and many more…

NEW ECODRY Plus Dry Vacuum Pumps from Leybold

John Morris Group announces the brand new ECODRY Plus fore-vacuum pump from Leybold Vacuum Germany. The requirements for modern analytical instruments and systems are changing: users in laboratories and research facilities increasingly rely on more


Quickest Transistor in the World uses Graphene

Graphene is widely considered a wonder material for our latest advances in technology due to it’s miniature size (just an atom thick and considered 2 dimensional), electron mobility and heat transfer properties (is known as having the more


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