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i-Fischer Full Crude Oil Assay Analysis

IPL carried out their first crude oil assay analysis with the new Fischer Autodest 800/860 AC unit, by ASTM D2892 & D5236 test methods in August 2014. This analysis proved a real success. The new crude oil assay unit enables processing of much more


New: CAV 4.2 Dual-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

 A Masterpiece in Automated D445 Kinematic Viscometry for Transparent & Opaque Liquids.  What applications is this suitable for? Formulated oil analysis Hydraulic oil analysis Additive analysis Marine fuel testing Base stock analysis Light and more


OptiFlash Pensky Martens Flash Point, Gas Igniter

PAC, a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications, is pleased to announce the release of its next generation flash point instrument, the Herzog OptiFlash Pensky-Martens.  PAC has over more


Valero refinery uses ISL VIDA Density Meter

In the petroleum industry, density is one of the most prevalent physical properties used to classify and characterise the finished products that come out from the refineries. The level of speed and accuracy the lab performs the analysis therefore more


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