Petrochemical testing instrumentation for 20+ years. With market leading brands such as PAC, Herzog, ISL, Cannon and Stanhope Seta.

Flash Point Analyser Performance Verification

The PAC Optiflash is an excellent example of an automated device for determination of the flash point of petroleum products. It is a crucial test for several oil products each according a specific standard and test method. Well known standard more


Diesel Fuel Specification Update BS EN 590

BS EN 590 has now been updated to include Filter Blocking Tendency (IP 387 Procedure B) as a mandatory requirement From 1st November 2015: All Diesel Imports will be subject to new Filter Blocking Tendency (FBT) limits IP 387 Procedure B must be more


Now Online: ASTM D7621 Crude Oil Appendix

In a move towards standardising a method for the measurement of H2S in Crudes Stanhope-Seta, with support from the Industry, undertook a study to show that IP 570/ASTM D7621 can be modified to measure the concentration of H2S in stabilised crude more


Cannon CAV 4.2 has been enhanced but how?

CANNON Instrument Company takes pride in making our instruments the best that they can be. Cannon continuously work to make sure that their instruments offer a great user experience. Several enhancements have been made to the CAV 4.2 Dual-Bath more


Interesting Applications where Rheology is Critical

CANNON’s range of Bending Beam Rheometers, which are used in asphalt testing for pavements around the USA, can also be applied to the measurement of materials used for amazingly fine engineering – the polishing of precision optics. Typical more


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