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Introducing Gilson VERITY 1900 MS Detector

Accelerate Your Rates of Discovery VERITY 1900 MS Detector is a Single Quadrupole Mass Spec Detector with Integrated Splitter and Make-up Pump Confirm molecular weight of your contents in record time for each collected fraction all along the more


Sigma 2-7 Centrifuge created by customer feedback

The latest innovation in the laboratory centrifuge range in the Sigma 2-7 as developed through extensive customer consultations. Important features of the 2-7 are it’s stainless-steel bowl, imbalance switch, motorised lid lock, more


Fat Analysis with the ANKOM XT15 Extractor

The ANKOM XT15 Extractor offers the official method for effective and low-cost solvent extractions (AOCS Am 5-04). The ANKOM XT15 Extractor has seen extensive testing across a large scope of various samples. This instrument is able to extract more


New JULABO CORIO CD-BC6 Heating Circulator

CORIO heating circulators feature professional technology for high standards. These units facilitate internal temperature control in the bath tank or control of externally connected applications. This new Heating Circulator CORIO C-BC6 is offered more


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