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Testing Wastewater using a pH Meter

Excessive pH levels, particulates, and contaminants are typically found in wastewater. Using pH in wastewater treatment requires an accurate and robust measurement with a pH meter. It also necessitates the measurement of the waters temperature. more


How to choose your Spectrophotometer

As an analytical instrument, the spectrometer, or spectrophotometer, identifies a chemical species and/or structure, or the concentration of substances. Spectrometers are generally comprised of a light or energy source (typically a lamp), a filter more


Ten Tips for Choosing your next Spectrophotometer

If you’re in the market to buy a new spectrophotometer for the laboratory, you may already understand that there’s a variety of options to consider. Spectrometers, or spectrophotometers, are analytical instruments used to identify or more


5 Eye-Opening uses for Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps

Known to be extremely versatile, sometimes even familiar peristaltic pump users are surprised to learn other ways these pumps are employed. Have you considered these tubing pumps for: Vitamin A & D Injection Cosmetic dispensing Harvesting cell more


Dissolved Oxygen. How’s it used in Brewing Beer?

So… How do We Make Beer? Having enough dissolved oxygen to feed the anaerobic breathing process of yeast is crucial to the beer-brewing process. But anaerobic breathing, also known as fermentation, is not the only reason why it is important more


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