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MasterFlex Pump Drive Dispensing Features

Masterflex® peristaltic pump systems offer digital drives with features designed for dispensing applications. These features add efficiency and convenience to your process: Dispense by volume—lets you program the volume to be dispensed for either more


Power up with Masterflex Tubing Pumps I/P Series

Offering protection from hazardous industrial materials, the Masterflex® I/P® Series of peristaltic pumps may be your  best option. With powerful motors, these pumps transfer fluids in process, manufacturing, and industrial applications. Here’s more


How to Measure Colour Accurately

Consistent and reliable colour measurements required by those in research & development, process development and production. For foods, graphics, paints, and any product that relies on accurate colour, this measurement is crucial. Water, when more


Can you set up a Syringe Pump in 3 minutes?

Syringe pumps are used in multi-channel, low flow  and pulseless applications. These highly accurate pumps are also known as infusion pumps. Application Specialist Michael Hassan from the UK office shares his experienced knowledge of syringe pumps more


Biological Agents, How Do You Measure Growth?

We use cell density photometers for measuring the growth rates of E. coli, yeast cells and other biological agents in microbiology. These portable cell density meters analyse samples as small as 20µL and are compact enough to place within more


How do I choose Liquid Pumps?

Need a side by side comparison of each pump type? Here it is… Use this guide to help select the best type of pump for your applications. Our information is intended as a general recommendation and may not hold true for all pumps within a more


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