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Why use Immersion Heaters?

You might be familiar with small immersion heaters that warm-up coffee or tea. More robust immersion heaters used in labs and industry are also called immersion water heaters or tank heaters. These are submerged directly into a heated solution so more


Laboratory Furnaces, we explain 3 types

Picking lab furnaces can be complex. When researching your next laboratory furnace purchase, please consider these factors: Cole-Parmer® StableTemp® Furnace with Programmable Control Process temperature Control requirements Sample dimensions (and more


Desiccators, keep your samples moisture free

Sealable canisters, or cabinets, known as desiccators keep contents dry (and dust-free) with the help of desiccant. These economical storage containers are used for electronics, reagents, and other humidity-sensitive items. Cole-Parmer® Desiccators more


Watch out for Centrifugal Pump domination

Colin Heathfield, our UK Technical Sales Manager, presents us terrific overview of centrifugal pumps.  Did you know that globally, 70% of pumps in use are centrifugal?  With higher flow rates and lower pressures they satisy the needs of many, many more


Centrifuges, Five Types Explained

From microbiology to tissue culture to pharmaceutical research, centrifuges need to deliver consistent performance in the lab. They fulfill critical duties such as separating sugar from liquids to isolating sludge from water in pulp and paper mills. more


Masterflex pump tubing, 9 key factors when choosing

Masterflex® peristaltic pump tubing is precision extruded to meet specific tolerances and engineered to comply with various standards and classifications. To select from our many formulations of tubing, consider the tubing life-span as well as: more


Key Controllers for Creating Fermentation Systems

Fermentation processes require tight control of aeration/dissolved oxygen (DO), carbon dioxide (CO2), pH, temperature, and foam to maximise cell growth and productivity. Check out these controllers to see what might improve your system (together more


Why Blend Samples with Laboratory Shakers?

Laboratory shakers will blend samples within test tubes and flasks for uniform mixing. Shakers are used for extraction, cell culture, mixing reagents, diagnostic testing and many other lab activities. Maximise your productivity by getting a precise more


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