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3 Tips to Pick the Right Balances & Scales

Precise weighing with laboratory balances & scales requires great accuracy and specific functionality that meets your daily needs. Consider these three tips when you choose a balance: 1) Know the readability  How precise of a measurement do you more


Want to Choose the Right Filter? 5 Membrane Types

Used in research and quality testing, laboratory filtration products such as membranes purify or concentrate samples. Which one’s right for your application? Here are five types along with application information: Glass prefilter: One-step more


Pipettes and Pipettors fluid handling terminology

  Cole-Parmer Safetypette Pipette Filler When transferring liquids via pipettes and pipettors, what does the terminology mean? Here’s a description outlining what it means “to contain” vs. “to deliver:” To contain: pipette holds the more


Motor Selection, five enclosure types explained

When choosing a motor for your system, what do all the acronyms in those descriptions mean TENV? WDN? Here’s a list of our motor enclosure types and how we recommend they’re used: Single-Phase TEFC Rigid-Base Motor Open Drip-Proof (ODP) more


5 Top Tips: Selecting Valves for Fluid Handling

What valve should I choose? With so many valves available on the market, walk through our list to narrow the choices. What’s your application? Manual valves include ball, check, diaphragm, elliptic, metering, needle, pinch, plug, pressure relief, more


Lab Alarms: Monitoring your Processes and Safety

Use audible or visual alarms in labs, plants, and offices to monitor your instruments. These alarms can assess conductivity, pH, level control, pressure, temperature, and various assembly line processes. When reaching or exceeding high or low more


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