Case Study: Wastewater & Stormwater Monitoring

ISCO 6712 sampler and Eureka Manta water quality sonde solution

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Case Study Goals: Domestic wastewater and stormwater management.

“How can we automate our monitoring process to operate at all hours?”

Customer: A City Council in New South Wales

Application:  The local council wished to take real-time samples of domestic sewage and wastewater events in order to more precisely assess the costs of their service. Previously this was achieved in standard working hours through spot checking with a handheld meter and outsourcing sample analysis to an external laboratory. An added concern was how to take overnight measurements. Why? Natural events, such as flooding, often occur between 2am and 4am. Existing procedures appeared costly therefore council sought to manage this directly.

Solution:  A sampler with water quality sonde package. After successful on-site demonstration of automated monitoring equipment, benefits to council were clear.
No more water sample outsourcing and water quality reports send directly to council.

Our John Morris solution included a package comprised of:

  1. Isco 6712 Portable sampler with battery
  2. Eureka Manta 2.5 multiparameter water quality sonde with pH/ORP, temperature & conductivity sensors
  3. Plus a ProHanger accessory for suspending the water sampler within a manhole.
Isco 6712 Portable sampler with battery

Isco 6712 Portable sampler


Eureka Manta 2 2.5 Multiparameter Monitoring Sonde

Eureka Manta 2 2.5 Multiparameter Monitoring Sonde

This sampler is programmed to trigger only when:

  • Detecting pH within a range between 4-9 OR
  • Conductivity and ORP are over an established value OR
  • Temperature rises over 40°C.

The sampler records data when either of the criteria is met (“OR” Condition).

The Isco sampler and Eureka Manta unit communicate via SDI-12 connection while the Manta draws its power from the sampler. The included Isco Flowlink software interprets data and reporting for download from the Isco 6712 portable sampler. Reports record when each sample was taken and under what conditions plus offers detail regarding appearance/ effect of other parameters toward samples.


  1. Council very pleased with cost savings achieved through automation of sewer monitoring
  2. Council confident in John Morris problem solving recommendations
  3. Council feels reassured as John Morris will service this equipment annually
  4. System has already been reordered for this council with plans to roll our more
  5. John Morris provides councils with the right solution for wastewater and stormwater monitoring.
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