Boost your Environmental Samples Process in 5 ways

Field_Trip-_water_sampling_Iowa State Department of Agronomy 'Field Trip water sampling' Photo credit: The Iowa State Department of Agronomy

Sample collectionOnce the sample bottle is clean enough for use, you must choose the proper material to use. Different parameters have different requirements.

Most organic parameters should be collected in glass while inorganic parameters can use plastics or fluoropolymers as well. Because not all plastics have the same properties or inherent background levels, you’re typically limited to polypropylene, LDPE, or polyethylene. Bacteria samples are generally limited to materials that can be sterilised. Also, you may have requirements concerning fluorescence or clarity depending on the analytical method you use.

Using the most efficient laboratory supplies can make your process easier. Here are products to assist in sample collection, preparation, and storage:

Cole-Parmer is a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies. John Morris Scientific supplies Cole-Parmer product lines in Australia, New Zealand and the South West Pacific, including popular brand names such as Masterflex, Oakton, Digi-Sense, Environmental Express, Ismatec, and more.

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