Shifting Industry Needs Prompt Well Established Science Equipment Provider 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 9th December 2019 – John Morris Group focuses on the facts when reviewing existing business philosophy to set themselves and their customers up for success as they head into the 2020s


As Science & Technology Australia Chief Executive Kylie Walker recently stated, “Across Australia, world class scientists, inventors and technologists are opening up new worlds of possibility.” Australia and New Zealand’s scientists and scientific bodies have never been better placed to have their hard work have a positive impact on the economy, education, agriculture, welfare, health and the environment.

At the same time, they face regular challenges with regard to technology, finance and support.

Vision for Future Growth

John Morris Group’s core purpose – “A family tradition of helping you succeed with technology” – is their way of expressing the position they have worked to hold within industry. They exist to provide the solution development, tools and service the industry needs to be successful.

Based on a recent internal review of their operations, they determined some key areas where there were opportunities for improvement. They welcomed the input of owner and Chairman Norbert Wyzenbeek, with many years of industry experience and knowledge, who assisted in isolating the key decisions and changes to strategy that would set them up to ensure they would be operating at full potential going forward.

Plans for improvement

The plans they’ve developed and started to implement have included a focus on these 3 areas:

  • Ensuring their workforce is supporting their customers and brands to their full potential; this has meant they’ve had to make some adjustments to staffing and how they build and support teams within the organisation (including the hire of a specialised “Sales Coach”); they are currently going through this process and they’re looking forward to growing their team with more of the best high performing resources in the industry
  • An intensive look at their internal systems and procedures and how they can maximise efficiency of resources within the organisation; they want their customers and brands to have the easiest possible engagement process with them to shorten quote, sale and delivery times
  • An across the board review of their pricing models; they pride themselves on offering high quality and class leading equipment and service, they will ensure (in conjunction with vendor partners) that they are doing everything they can to make sure their pricing meets industry and market expectations

Through the initial implementation of these plans, they have already seen improvement, with order revenue for the month of November their strongest for the financial year to date.

They have over 60 years’ experience in the industry.

“We welcome you to work with us so that we can help you succeed with technology.”, said GM Jeff Tyson.

Intro to Senior Management Team

As part of the review process, there has been a shift in the make-up of senior leadership at the company.

The new senior leadership team is as follows:

Norbert Wyzenbeek – Chairman

Jeff Tyson – General Manager

Karl Wyzenbeek – Business Development (Operations)

Andre Wyzenbeek – Business Development (Sales)

Contact Details

Jeff Tyson – General Manager (02) 9496 4200

Company Background

John Morris Group was founded In Sydney in April 1956 to provide instrumentation and consumables, solution development and service support throughout the South Pacific science industry. Today their team operates across 7 key locations in Australia and New Zealand.