The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ automated cell counter is Chemometec’s 3rd generation cassette-based instrument. Featuring improved hardware and the new user-friendly NC-View™ software, it takes precision, speed, and data management of cell counting to new levels.

  • Consistency across instruments, users and sites
  • Eliminate human errors with Via2-Cassette™
  • Monitor production runs with NEW DebrisIndex™
  • Increased cell counting range: No more dilutions
  • Scalable system with 21 CFR Part 11 / GMP-ready software
  • Personal support by our dedicated experts

Consistency between instruments, users and sites

The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ is the most precise cell counter on the market: The combined inter-operator/inter-instrument variation is typically 5 – 10%.

We achieve superior performance through high quality components that are stable over time, and advanced factory calibrations.

Consequently, you obtain identical results with any cell sample, recorded by any user, anywhere in the world.

NEW DebrisIndex™ – Monitor Production Runs

The all new DebrisIndex™ is a measurement of culture debris build-up.

Debris negatively affects downstream filtering and purification steps, so a direct measurement of debris facilitates better process development parameters.

The DebrisIndex™ can also be used as an additional read-out of cell culture health.

Together with data for standard biological parameters such as live and dead cells, cell diameter, aggregation etc., the DebrisIndex™ gives an accurate picture of the overall cell culture performance.

When correlated with data for production output, the DebrisIndex™ sets the specifications for when to initiate the next step.

The DebrisIndex™ can also increase with culture contamination by e.g. bacteria or fungi, making for an additional purity parameter.

21 CFR Part 11/GMP-ready software

The NC-View™ software is compatible with 21 CFR Part 11/GMP guidelines and can be integrated into your clinical workflow.

This allows for painless transfer of protocols involving the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ automated cell counter, across departments and applications from R&D through to QC.

Standardized Cell Counting Workflow – Easy to Use

We offer an easy-to-use workflow: Just Load sample – press RUN – get data.

The unique Via2-Cassette™ combines sample aspiration, cell staining and counting chamber-loading into one simple step.

Insert the loaded Via2-Cassette™ into the NucleoCounter® NC-202™ and press RUN.

The NC-View™ software will automatically acquire fluorescent images, identify cells and present the data.

The standardized workflow ensures handling interference is negligible for the highest data robustness.

The NucleoCounter® NC-202™ automated cell counter offers the best cell counting precision on the market, with full linearity up to 1×107 cells/ml.

This makes lab workflow easy, by reducing the need for sample dilution ahead of measurements.

What’s NEW – NucleoCounter® NC-202™ Automated cell counter

  • Analysis time only 30 seconds/sample
  • Improved light sources for greater signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range
  • Electro-mechanical cassette slot for easy operation
  • DebrisIndex™ monitors cell culture health and bioreactor production runs
  • Broader linearity range: Count samples up to 1×107 cells/ml
  • Instrument Service Plan: Keep your instrument up-to-date
  • Automatic data quality checks for sample artifacts