The Phoenix Black represents a high tech approach to Ash Analysis. It’s the world’s fastest muffle furnace.

It ashes samples 97% faster than other muffle furnaces and make rapid adjustments to reduce the likelihood of out of specification products and it improves process control.

The Phoenix system can be equipped with either a high temperature or a high capacity furnace and upgrades are available for sulfated ashing, with a vapour scrubbing system and Airwave for increased airflow for high organic sample ashing. Paired with a balance and printer, the Phoenix system will calculate LOD (Loss on Drying), %Ash, %ROI (Residue on Ignition), %LOI (Loss on Ignition), % Total Residue, % Vol. Residue and % Fixed Residue.

The Phoenix Black meets industry requirements for muffle furnaces in the Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Food, (Petro)chemicals, Waste Water, Poultry and Meat industries, and more.

Ash samples with unmatched speed and safety with the Phoenix BLACK (TM). With an on-board touch-screen interface you’ll save time and simplify workflow. Two powerful magnetrons heat the cavity which allows for exceptional temperature control and lightning fast ramp times. Make rapid adjustments to reduce out-of-specification products and improve your process control.

  • High Temp Furnace heats up to 1200°C. Holds up to 8 (20/50 mL) or 5 (100 mL) Quartz Fiber Crucible
  • High Capacity Furnace heats up to 1000°C . Holds up to 15 (20/50 mL) or 12 (100 mL) Quartz Fiber Crucibles


  • Ash up to 15 samples at one time
  • Use any type of crucible normally used in conventional ashing systems, even platinum
  • Meets requirements of electrical and microwave muffle furnaces


  • Ramp to temperature in minutes.
  • Go directly from the furnace to the balance with no desiccation step.
  • Ash samples up to 97% faster than with traditional muffle furnaces.
  • One-step ashing – complete pre-ash inside furnace without the need for a Bunsen burner.


  • Active ventilation keeps the lab free from soot and odors.
  • NIST-traceable thermocouple ensures accurate temperature control.
  • Quartz fiber crucibles cool to the touch in seconds.
  • Integrated sensors hold cavity door open when furnace door is removed.

Easy to Use

  • Easy to program methods with automatic start time and temperature ramps.
  • Pair with balance and printer for automatic results – no more manual calculations.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ service available for turnkey validation and audit traceability.
  • Automated sulfated ashing – simply place samples in the furnace and press start.

Meets Industry Requirements for Muffle Furnaces
The Phoenix BLACK satisfies requirements for methods that specify “electrically heated” furnaces, and also methods that specify “microwave heated” furnaces.

Most Common Methods

  • ASTM D874-92 – Sulfated Ash content of Lubricating Oils
  • ASTM D5630-94 – Ash content of Thermoplastics
  • IP 501 – Fuel oil sample prep by Ashing
  • USP 281 – Residue on Ignition (ROI)/Sulfated Ash
  • USP 733 – Loss on Ignition (LOI)
  • Various AOAC, FDA, ISO, and DIN methods

Temperature verification and temperature calibration for ISO and GLP practices are quickly and easily performed with optional accessories, including NIST traceable dual thermocouples and calibration source instruments.

CEM Quartz Fiber Crucibles

  • Designed to allow air to circulate within the sample, these crucibles can cut test times to as low as 15 minutes
  • Crucibles cool to the touch within seconds, reducing the risk of burns compared to ceramic crucibles
  • They can be weighted immediately after ashing without long cooling times or the need for desiccation

Quartz Fiber Crucibles can help speed up your laboratory’s ash testing.

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JMG Part Number Crucible Size Quantity
1052831 20ml Crucible 100
1225942 50ml Crucible 50
1225944 100ml Crucible 16
1324796 Liner disk for 20ml 200
1324797 Liner disk for 50ml 200
1324798 Liner disk for 100ml 48
1225943 Cap for 50ml 75
1225945 Cap for 100ml 48
1225992 20ml Self Sealing Quartz Crucibles Set of 4