Articles by Duncan McLeod

How to Select a Vibration Testing System

Shopping for a controlled vibration test system can appear to be a daunting task. But, as with most technical assignments, the problem can be broken down into a sequence of smaller questions to be answered. In general, you are looking to select a more


Dynamic Proximity Probe Calibration

Eddy current probes – often called proximity probes – are non-contact displacement sensors that protect some of the world’s most critical equipment like gas and steam turbines from critical failure. Technicians verify and calibrate these more



Electro-dynamic shakers are by nature robust and durable pieces of testing equipment. Frequently, they are not given much thought until a problem arises. When these problems do happen, they can be costly; not only monetarily but also in lost labor more


NEW ECODRY Plus Dry Vacuum Pumps from Leybold

John Morris Group announces the brand new ECODRY Plus fore-vacuum pump from Leybold Vacuum Germany. The requirements for modern analytical instruments and systems are changing: users in laboratories and research facilities increasingly rely on more


How do I clean glass capillary viscometer tubes?

Find some great tips & tricks for cleaning glass capillary viscometer tubes. When using the ASTM method D445,  here’s some guidance on cleaning solvents from glass capillary viscometer tubes. Begin with employing a solvent which is more


Flash Point Testing for the Cosmetics Industry

How is Flash Point testing important to our cosmetics industry? Flash point is a critical guideline to ensure compliance regarding safety and transportation for the cosmetics industry. This is applicable for all modes of transport and governed by more


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