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Larson Davis AUDit System 824 Audiometer Calibration


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Larson Davis audiometer calibration systems combine the power and versatility of the System 824 real time analyser with AUDit™ software to create a complete, portable audiometer test and calibration solution. Standard audiometer tests can be performed manually on the sound level meter or automatically with AUDit™ software which controls the sound level meter to run a full battery of audiometer performance and accuracy tests. For interfacing with the wide variety of audiometer transducers used, Larson Davis offers NBS 9-A, IEC 60318 and other couplers as well as an extremely practical artificial mastoid. The combination of AUDit™ and the 824 is a field ready solution for fast, comprehensive audiometer calibration.

System 824: Electro-acoustic analyser and precision SLM

Level, frequency, FM, and pulse measurements are only some of the capabilities of the System 824 real time analyser when fitted with 824-AUD firmware. Narrow-band FFT and real time 1/3 octave analysis make measurements such as THD and ambient noise easy and accurate. AUDit™ PC Software automates the test process, walking you through the complete calibration process.

After the test procedure you can easily print pass/fail reports and calibration certificates. Data can also be exported to Microsoft® Excel.


  • Audiometer testing
  • Audiometer calibration
  • Earphones and hearing aid testing
  • Electro-acoustic testing
  • Audiometer certification

Typically Used in:

  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Universities and Research Programs
  • Workplace Hearing Conservation Programs

Audiometer Calibration Features

  • Full line of artificial ear couplers and accessories including the new AEC201-A, IEC 60318-1:2009 Ear Simulator, the AMC493B Artificial Mastoid, and the new AEC202, AEC203, and AEC204 insert earphone and hearing
    aid couplers. 
  • Verify audiometers quickly and accurately under computer control with exhaustive tests based on limits in the ANSI S3.6-2004 Specification for Audiometers
  • Test virtually every type of transducer such as supra-aural, extended range circumaural, bone vibrator, hearing aid, insert earphone, and speaker
  • Automatically correct RETSPLs, microphone, coupler, and all other response adjustments using AUDit™ software
  • Perform level and frequency adjustments during audiometer tests
  • Qualify audiometric booth ambient noise with real time 1/3 octave analysis and fast pass/fail results (MPANL)
  • Store and recall tests in databases; query databases by audiometer, technician, date, etc.
  • Print custom reports and certificates for your clients or your archives

Learn How to Properly Calibrate Your Audiometer

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