AST-100 Ink Viscosity Controls for the Printing Industry

Manufactured by Brookfield Ametek, world leaders in viscosity measurement

Brookfield AST-100 Advanced Sensor Technology

John Morris Scientific is proud to present the AST-100 viscometer. Popular with international printing press and large printer manufacturers, the AST-100 provides consistent and duplicable temperature with viscosity readings. AST_100 viscometer by Brookfield AMETEK from John Morris ScientificManufactured by Brookfield Ametek, a leader in viscosity measurement, the AST offers a design without moving parts, featuring a sensor that’s vibration and flow resistant guaranteeing dependable readings in most extreme situations. Unlike other products, the AST requires no special insulation or preventative installation measures. What does this mean for printers? Great efficiencies and productivity that offers more up-time through less spare parts ordering and maintenance.

Press operators are instantly able to measure from pump to press, providing precise and repeatable results. Plus the AST-100 is easy to use on such a compact footprint. This precision allows a user to optimise run time productivity by pinning down the correct settings to achieve premium quality. With consistency from roll to roll, printing operations will save on ink usage and reduce waste for a better ROI though an eco-friendly process. By controlling consistency, a more accurate film can be laid down thus lowering drying time and accelerating print speeds. Through increasing press runs from 300 meters a minute to even 330 meters a minute, the productivity gain can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in new annual revenue. Your return on investment with Brookfield Ametek’s AST-100 viscometer is anticipated to be nine months. With greater speed in press run productivity, printers may accept more projects and take on more clients each year. Using precise colour consistency, major corporations may protect their brand identity.

The industry specify, touch-screen controls have built to suit the printing and coatings category. Additional features include real-time trending together with ink and job memory, giving operators the ability to save and recall automatic viscosity settings. the market -leading Brookfield Ametek AST-100 controls possess the closest correlation to efflux cups of any controller available.

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Brookfield AMETEK has long been considered the World Standard in Viscosity Measurement and Control. From the original Synchro-Electric Viscometer to today’s sophisticated RST Touch Rheometer, the Brookfield name is synonymous with quality, dependability and reliability. In recent years, we have added the addition of texture analysis equipment. This axial testing capability enhances Brookfield’s existing product line by providing more flexibility in solving the rheological and texture measurement needs of John Morris Scientific customers.

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