Alcor DTOT for Diesel Thermal Oxidation Testing

Advancing Safety and Automation of Diesel Thermal Oxidation Testing

Alcor DTOT_Diesel Thermal Oxidation Tester

Alcor by PAC have released the new DTOT, Diesel Thermal Oxidation Tester supplied by John Morris Scientific. This is an integrated bench-top instrument provides all that’s required to study the thermal oxidation of diesel or biodiesel in safety. Usually used in batch mode, this instrument operates where a fuel sample is held in a reservoir and pumped over a heated metal surface into a second reservoir.

New DTOT which is suitable for several blends of diesel fuel like Pure Diesel (B0), Diesel Fuel with 7% FAME (B7) and Diesel Fuel with 20% FAME (B20).PAC DTOT Diesel Thermal Oxidation Tester

Used to measure the high temperature stability of diesel and biodiesel. The instrument subjects the test fuel to conditions that can be related to those occurring in diesel engine fuel systems. Fuel is pumped at a fixed volumetric flow rate through a heated section containing an precisely machined aluminium tube after which fuel degradation products may deposit on around the outside of the heater tube or become trapped on a stainless steel filter.

Enjoy these advantages


  • Design achievements contribute to a significantly faster analysis cycle time
  • Provides traceable results by storing the results electronically on the IHT, rather than only having a hard copy print out of the test


  • Automated traditionally time-intensive manual activities, such as pump priming, flow monitoring, and sample aeration
  • Easy and fast data extraction with the new fully integrated RFID reader/writer for the Intelligent Heater Tubes™ (IHT)
  • Instrument software supports multiple languages


  • Decreased operator exposure to diesel vapor with a vapor containment system
  • Prevents exposure to the hot heater tube section with a safety door; test won’t start untill the door is closed
  • Reduced exposure to diesel /biodiesel by flushing it at the end of the test; keeps test section dry during disassembly

Vital Statistics

Sample Capacity: 600 mL or more
Set Point Test Temperature Range: 100°C – 380°C, ± 2°C
Differential Pressure Range: 0 – 280 mm Hg (automatically bypassed at +250 mm Hg)
Operating System Pressure Range: 500 psig ± 10%Fuel
Sample Flow Rate Range: 100 mL/min to 9.99 mL/min
Flow Accuracy: ± 2%
Pump: HPLC, Single Head, SS, Pulse dampened
Thermocouple Type: K (Chromel/Alumel)
Thermocouple Temperature Range: -25°C to +450°C
Test Time Range: Programmable 4 to 600 minutes
Fuel Aeration Timer: 6 minutes
Aeration Flow Rate: 1.5 L/min
Coolant Flow Rate: 38 L/hr

Please read our Brochure: PAC Alcor DTOT

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